Weight Loss Stupidity

It’s Insanity

Why is it that fat reduction inspires average, smart persons to do these completely stupid aspects? Why? – I’ll tell you why, because with regards to vanity – Great sense and cause take over and receive changed with crazy, insane and illogical tries to claw one’s youth back, effectively after young age has past.

Men Are Bad

Women Are Worse

Men are vain, but females are anything beyond description.

Like a cat on a tin rooftop striving to claw it’s technique back to the best, females only won’t allow go, where’s the elegance in a eighty year aged females getting liposuction? – No Grace Whatsoever!

I’m Angry

Surprise, surprise, you state, but wait – There are young females growing up all over the planet and I detest to state this but the generation preceding them have allow them down – BIG TIME

You’ll be over merely hard pushed to obtain a girl actor over 40 who hasn’t been chopped, nipped tucked and sucked fatless all for the sake of vanity, truth be told you’d be “pushed thin”.


It’s stress or even more appropriately the inability to deal with outward pressures to conform to a set body
image – So, that’s merely weakness isn’t it?

Women of the globe should commence burning a limited more bra’s and standing up and suggesting “no more”.

Don’t Worry Guy’s I’m Getting To You

Men, you create me feel ill – Yes that’s appropriate my other brethren are creating me sick to my belly.

Do you desire your Daughters, Sisters and Mothers to conform to what you wish?

It’s time to cut the shallow bull and take a wise look out ourselves as the impotent, imperfect people that we are.

Who are we to need excellence, when we over eat, over drink and do nothing but anticipate and need.

Well, busted I state, I’m phoning out my other men to show some guts and take it on board.

It’s time to stop the fat reduction stupidity -It’s time to wise about ourselves before it’s too late.

If we carry on this shallow, superficial crap for too lengthy we’ll all be spending every cent of spare time with a mirror in 1 hand along with a 2 calorie sift cracker in the different. Wise up persons!

Do you like seeing young females with anorexia?

Do you like seeing 10 year aged females with Bulimia?

Do you wish grandma to receive a belly staple and cheek implants.

For the love of humankind I hope not.

If we don’t act today to stop the fat reduction stupidity then we’ll reside in the land of fat loss
insanity…..or are we absolutely there?

Weight reduction is not a joke – It will debilitate in the hands of pure stupidity – Unfortunately fat reduction bring on stupidity in big volumes.

A line should be draw by the individual and certain deeper more poignant issues could have to be dealt with rather of really the superficiality of one’s looks and appearances.

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