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Quit Smoking Plus Lose Weight

This product is a new method to help you quit smoking and lose weight. It is called shen men an old Chinese acupressure method. These magnets put a slight pressure on the upper part of the left ear for quitting smoking and on the lower part on the left ear lobe for weight loss. This method has been used for thousands of years. Cleopatra used this method.

They are a set of gold plated magnets consisting of one 4mm magnet and one 6mm magnet each having 1500 gauss, the amount of magnetic attraction in each magnet. I have been selling these for over 2 years and have had great success. Many buyers have had repeat purchases due to their success.

They gave them to family members and friends. Remember the key to success is that you truly want to quit smoking and lose weight. Make yourself and your loved ones safe from the problems of smoking and being over weight. I had been using eBay as a start now I am going to internet ads to help more people quit smoking and lose weight.

I hope you have the great success after using this product and by word of mouth spread the great news that you have stopped smoking and that your friends and family have had the same results. I am sure that you will stop smoking as I have. God bless your success in quit smoking.

You and your family and your friends will live longer. Stay healthy without withdrawals